What makes Pearl Jewelry So Special?

What made pearl diamond jewelry so special? What is the difference between real and false pearls? Why real pearl jewelry is very expensive? I will try to provide brief explanation in this post.

First off pearls come from oysters commonly seen in the ocean. The oyster lays layers of different compounds to form the precious gemstone. You can buy Ocean Inspired Jewelry at affordable prices from the jewelry shops.

Most pearls are white but can be tinted with a vast variety of colors to give them an original and colorful look. Some with the more common colors are blue, yellow, brown, green and purple and also a few others. The rarest involving color is black. Black pearls are much harder in to the future by due to manufacturing processes. The process that black pearls are subject too has half the normal commission rate that actually makes it from the process, due to rejecting the particular nucleus.

Most people believe that pearls simply come from saltwater but that isn't true. There are two types of pearls; saltwater and freshwater pearls. Nearly all pearls come from the ocean in protected lagoons around the globe. There are pearls that originated from freshwater mussels that live with rivers, lakes and ponds.

The bulk of freshwater pearls today mainly come from China and some other remote regions.