Do Weather Conditions Affect Pest Infestations?

Much research has been conducted to find an answer to this question. It is a general observation that far more insects are seen during the summers, although it is not quite clear why.

How weather affects pest infestations is an important aspect in controlling these infestations. There is a need for further research so as to determine the right measures at the right time. This will be helpful in providing the best commercial pest control in Brisbane.


Weeds grow in damp places. That is why rain forests contain so many weeds and marshes. Such damp areas also have a large population of insects. The largest number of insects is found in rainforests all over the world. Different species of snakes and other pests and termites are found in abundance in these forests. So, when the weather is damp, there are more insects and among them, enormous quantities of pests and insects.

It is a common belief that it is not advisable to eat from a vendor shop in the hot weather, the reason being the higher probability of infections. This is because there are more insects and germs in the humid weather and, hence, more germs in the environment. So, foods being sold out in the open can easily become contaminated and may potentially become the source of a viral disease.

In the cold weather, it is actually difficult to find insects in many places, but as the summers approach, you can see many of them roaming around. This is because the insects and pests hibernate in the winters and come out in the warm weather to prepare for the next winters.

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