How to Get Your Travel Plans in Order

There are some people that start planning trip months in advance. They have so much to do and are deliberated in their planning right down to the lists of things to do one month before, one week before, the night before. Below are mentioned the links related to planning a trip.

1. For travelling abroad, always crisscross for the currency exchange in advance so you know how much to base your budget on.

2. Make a journey of your trip. Include all the phone numbers to any hotels or family members if you plan on staying with family.

3. Organize for a neighbor or friend to collect your mail or newspapers while you're gone

4. Be sure to have someone to take care of your pets while you're away or have someone stay at your home with them so they don't get lonely.

5. On the day you leave, double check that you have your passport, your tickets, your money, your driver's license and a copy of your itinerary. You can get in touch with us via 425-442-595 if you are looking for a trip planner.

6. Unplug your appliances and ensure that all windows and doors are locked and secured.

7. Modify your thermostat and be sure that the stove/oven is turned off.

8. Leave a light on in the house or set a timer for them to come on at a definite time each night.

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