Options for income post retirement

4 Investments Options for a Steady Income After Retirement and a Peaceful Retired Life

Not sure which investment options will be suitable to earn decent retirement income? If not, then you need to consult an experienced investment advisor to help you select investment options most appropriate for your financial situation. In this context let us look at some investment options you should consider while planning retirement income.

Investments Options for a Peaceful Retired Life

Option #1: Build Portfolio of Total Returns

financial advisorIf you want to build retirement income then one option open for your investment advisor to ponder is of creating a portfolio consisting of bond index funds as well as stocks.The goal here is to earn decent returns over a long period of time and create rules for withdrawal rates which will give you the freedom to withdraw about four to seven percent every year.

In this type of total return portfolio the aim is to earn average yearly returns over a period of ten to twenty years which would be able to surpass the withdrawal rate you will have. Here it will be important to note some years your investments returns will deviate from the average. Thus, it will be necessary to plan diversified allocations so that returns are not affected by the market volatility your portfolio faces.

Option #2: Utilize Retirement Income Funds

These are one form of mutual fund which can be used for automatically allocating funds into bonds and stocks. 

Such retirement income funds are used for generating monthly income while at the same time assist in safeguarding your principal investment as well as let you have complete control over your investment.

Option #3: Make Use of Immediate Annuities

Immediate annuities help in protecting future income you will be getting and provide you the flexibility of choosing from a range of available options such as variable immediate annuities and the fixed immediate annuities.

Few of these annuities also provide income which will be increasing with inflation. Additionally, you have several options to select from such as a ten year payout, joint or single life payout, etc.

Immediate annuities will be the right option for:

•    People without investments that would provide guaranteed income.

•    For unmarried people having good life expectancy.

•    For people who are over spenders.

Option #4: Select Close End Funds

Close end funds can be used for generating quarterly or monthly income which can be in the form of dividends, interest, etc. Many of these funds utilize leverage for paying higher yield but also carry greater risk with volatile principal value.

As such, you need to take advice of your  investment advisor before taking any type of decision and in addition to it, you need to invest in these close end funds to form only a certain part of your portfolio.

A Final Note

As we can see there are several options open for you to select from and you need to discuss your financial position with a investment advisor to get advice on investments which will be suitable for you.


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