Metal Flute And Its Qualities

The modern metal flute was invented by Theodore Boehm, using several metal tubes. Today, the flute comes in several variations, varying across professionals and countries too. It is easy enough to be played by anyone, not just experts. Here are some qualities of the modern metal flute.


  • Standard

The standard flute is commonly available, and can be played by beginners as well as experts. The Sonata, Nuova and Yamaha are available for purchase. This flute is usually made out of silver, platinum or gold and is 2 feet long.

  • The Piccolo

Compared to the standard flute, the piccolo is a lot smaller. It also varies, because the notes played by the piccolo are much higher than the standard flute. Similar to the standard flute, though, this type is also available for different abilities.

  • The Alto Flute

This is an uncommon variation of the standard, which is about 34 inches longer, and actually has a U bend. This is unsuitable for rapid fingering, due to the increased distances between the holes. The alto flute is unique in its sound as it creates a mysterious effect, and has often been used in orchestral works.

  • The Bass Flute

This flute plays an octave lower than C, and is a novelty in itself. Its size is usually goes up to 5 feet, and is U bend flute. These flutes are heavy, and complicated, making them a rare sight. The bass flute is a strictly professional instrument that varies in design.

We hope this guide helps you choose which flute is perfect for you!

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