Survival Tips For Boot Camps

There are several types of fitness boot camps that you can join to lose weight and remain fit. Some boot camps have indoor sessions while others have outdoor sessions. At times it also depends on the instructor they can also have some indoor and some outdoor classes. It is essential to have some knowledge about camp before you start going there. Below are some survival tips that can help you finish the camp

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1. Type of fitness camp

You should do a thorough research about the camp you are going to join especially if it is fresh start fitness holiday boot camp Thailand. You should know the kind of layout and basic exercises they conduct. 

2. Go to camp early

Popular boot camps tend to fill up fast so it is better to reserve a spot beforehand. If you are late for the first session there is chances your spot may go to someone from the waiting list.  

3. Drink lots of water before and during class

Before you go to class drink lots of water and take a water of bottle with you to camp. Professionals recommend small sips of water during class so that you do not feel squishy as you workout.

4. Eat nutritious food

Professionals recommend taking a diet that includes carbohydrates and proteins especially if you are going to high intensity interval trainings. You can eat dried fruits, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and whole wheat and so on.

These are some of the tips that help you survive even extensive workout boot camps.

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