Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Faucets

If you are contemplating upgrading your toilet and kitchen sink taps, you’ve come to the perfect location. This explanation will make your job a lot easier and will save your time also.

But before we start, be certain you have following materials ready for you.

– New faucet assembly

– Basin wrench

– Adjustable wrenches

– Slip-joint pliers

– Scouring pad

Now follow these basic steps. (Assuming that you are replacing the older two-handled faucet with the more modern single-handled kind)

Replacing Kitchen Sink Faucets
1. Prior to starting, go at the shut-off valves under the sink, and switch off the water.

2. Open the faucet so that it may drain any excess water.

3. The next step is to detach the hot and cold water supply lines in the shutoff valves. You can use a tiny adjustable-wrench to do this.

4. Reach up behind the faucet. You’ll discover the coupling nuts that connect the supply tubes to the tap. Unscrew the exact same with a basin wrench. Visit for learning more about Plumbing fittings  (which is also known as ” ไปที่ เพื่อเรียนรู้เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับอุปกรณ์ท่อประปา”  the Thai language  )

5. Behind the faucet, you’ll also find mounting nuts which hold the faucet in place. Eliminate these nuts using the identical basin wrench.

6. Now you’ve disconnected the mounting nuts, you can lift out the old faucet. Lifting it out, disconnect the sprayer hose out of the meeting having an adjustable wrench.

7. Lift out the sprayer hose, and remove the faucet.

8. As soon as you’ve removed the faucet, wash the surface of the sink thoroughly with a scouring pad.

9. Eliminate the escutcheon cap and replace the same with the one which is included with your new faucet.

10. Now you’re ready to make the new relationship. Bring your new sprayer hose, and slide it down through the sprayer hole.

11. Hold the sprayer hose up through the middle faucet hole, and connect the hose through the sprayer nipple using an adjustable wrench.

12. If the hot and cold supply tubes of the faucet have a different length, attach elastic straps into the fittings on the supply tubes. Hold the faucet matching stationery with a wrench and tighten each link with another wrench.

13. Insert and nourish the distribution lines and the straps into the middle hole, and then seat the faucet.

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