Facts You Should to know about Vitamins

Vitamin D is acquired through meals, sunlight exposure, and supplements. It is found in small quantities in cheese, beef liver and egg yolk. Fortified milk contains hundred international units of vitamin D each serving; it takes 8 glasses of milk to receive eight-hundred international units.

If you don't take a nutritious diet then you may suffer from vitamin deficiency health problems. Deficiency of Vitamin A may cause problems related to eyesight like night blindness. Insufficient Vitamin B may cause ailments like Beriberi, Anemia, poor resistance to diseases, etc.

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Lack of Vitamin C causes gum bleeding, fatigue, loss of appetite, fatigue etc. Deficiency of vitamins in food leads to poor health. An effective method of filling the nutritional gaps due to bad eating habits is using vitamin supplements.

These vitamin supplements can help us to enhance our immune system and also to develop stamina. It's almost always preferable to take vitamins as a whole from food sources instead of synthetic vitamins.

Taking synthetic vitamins is similar to taking half vitamin and also our body treats natural and synthetic vitamin differently.  It is quite critical to supply our own body with organic nutrients for protecting a variety of organs and body functions.

Our body needs entire vitamins, which are present naturally in foods such as grains, vegetables, and fruits rather than vitamin supplements. Our entire body uses pure vitamin better than the synthetic vitamin.

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