How to Obtain Tourist Visa to Russia?

Traveling to Russia is a wonderful option to become aware of the cultural, traditional, and historic mixture of the country. Global traveler and corporate travelers may make an application for a visa to Russia just on the land of citizenship, but for the people having a residence permit for a 90-day period.

When getting a visa to Russia through the Russian tours bureau, a man or woman has been advised of the essential records and the ideal way they should be full of. If you’re planning Russia tours by yourself, not throughout the travel agent, it may take much longer to accumulate all the needed documents.

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A traveler would be to be more cautious when utilizing the services of travel agencies supplying interesting Russian tours. After an individual has made all of the needed preparations and is about to take up Russian tours, he/she is expected to determine whether to remain in Russia, either at a hotel or even an in an apartment. If you want some more information about russian visa agency visit

If a gentleman opts for resort lodging, the resort is very likely to register the visa. When staying in a flat, the landlord of this apartment must notify the immigration authorities about it ahead. Usually, renting a flat in Russia is quite costly and travelers choose the ease of wide-ranging hotels to leasing a flat.

About business visas, they’re aimed not just at business travelers, but also at overseas tourists who see their buddies and do not require hotel lodging. Homestay visas are directed at the tourist group that provides a written statement by the relatives or friends from Russia that intend to host them throughout the travel.

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