SEO for Contractors – How Search Engines Work

Many building contractors in urban areas are well aware of the importance of their website to bring in new customers. When their website appears at the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo, they reach more customers than the Yellow Pages.

In the major metro areas, reaching the top of Google and Yahoo depends on intelligent and competent Search Engine Optimization. It starts with an understanding of how search engines work. You can consult top rated Philadelphia SEO Company – for the best services.

This starts with the search engine reading every web page on the Internet long before you are looking for a plumber. Search engines don't read the version of the internet page that you and I see.

They read other versions of each page called "Source Code." These pages are written by programmers in computer-readable languages, most often HTML.

This is how you can see the Source Code version of a web page. Choose a webpage that has lots of text. Right-click where there is no text or image. Then, click on the "View Source Code" option or similar words.

If you choose a page that is text-heavy, you will see a block of plain English text – the same text that appears in the human version, but is not formatted properly.

There will also be symbols and words that you might not know. This is HTML or other computer languages. Some of these words and symbols tell visitors colors and typography for the Internet. Some of them tell the search engine more about the content of the page.

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