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From Vegan Diet to Vegan Make up


So, you have adopted a vegan diet because you just do not approve of taking a life to bring food to your table. Breeding animals in a huge number to kill them for food sounds like gross injustice to animals who are not strong enough to defend themselves. Any animal byproducts too have harmful impact on their bio-system. As a compassionate human being you cannot stand for such cruelty being inflicted on animals. Having said all that, have you considered if animals are affected in the production of your favorite makeup?

Impact of Animal Testing

PETA has been fighting for years to stop animal abuse in the name of testing for cosmetic products. Many makeup companies test on animals to check factors for sensitivity, skin irritation and eye irritation in defenseless animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and rats. Manufacturers test these chemicals on a rabbit's eyes to check how much is enough to burn their cornea just to ensure that our precious eyes are safe. There is something really twisted about humanity if we are OKAY with that.

Alternatives have been invented now

Fortunately, science has come up with cornea-like 3D tissue structures and human skin culture to carry these tests on. Many companies have adopted these vegan friendly makeup manufacturing techniques. Next time when you are out to buy your makeup, make sure you pick up a brand that promotes ethical manufacturing without using animal tests or byproducts. True beauty should never support cruelty. 

The Promise of Vegan Makeup

When you are a working woman and get up in the morning every day and get dressed, makeup is a necessity. More than it being a necessity, all the women in this world love having makeup on. What they are unaware of is that the products they apply on their bodies every day with so much enthusiasm is harmful for them. They also do not know that the makeup they use is probably in its final form through several episodes of cruelty and environment destruction.

The products of daily use should be free of any damage. However, there are many vegan brands that make sure that they serve the purpose of saving your skin as well as the world you live in. They produce a high quality vegan makeup that is free from animal testing or disruption in the natural habitat. All ingredients are pure and natural and they are ideal for long term use.


There is no difference in the quality or the final look of your makeup. Only that your skin becomes safe and starts to regain its natural glow and beauty. The minerals and other natural products revitalize your skin and make sure that there is no more devastation caused to your skin by using makeup every day. You may apply it in the morning, it will stay loyal to you for the whole day. It is easy to use, dedicated to keeping your skin fresh throughout the day and a promise that it will never ever let you down.