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Hat Party with Factory Direct Party Supplies

Every summer, my neighborhood throws a big block party. We all chip in a fixed amount for the food, drinks, and factory direct party supplies and it always turns out great. Each year, we try to do something different – a new twist you might say – just to keep it fun; to keep it from getting stale since it’s something we hold annually. This year, we came up with the awesome idea to have a “crazy hat” party. Basically, the idea is to give each and every person at the party a crazy hat to wear for the duration of the party. We figured it would make for great laughs and great pictures. Of course, once we came up with that brilliant concept, we had to figure out where to get all the different hats from, and on a budget. I, personally, didn’t think we could do it, not easily anyway.

Thankfully, my neighbor had just used a great website to purchase factory direct party supplies for her son’s first birthday, so she was able to recommend looking there first. Let me tell you, the Internet is a wonderful thing. This site had thousands upon thousands of party supplies and a whole section devoted to hats and hats alone. Not only that, most of the hats were low priced – even better! I’m telling you, there was every party supply you could possibly imagine: wedding party supplies, baby shower party supplies, themed party supplies, birthday party supplies of all varying kinds and types and years, and more! The hat section had so many different types of hats to choose from, we didn’t have to look anywhere else. They had cowboy hats, joker hats, top hats, birthday cake hats, a cat-head hat, a chef hat, princess hats, a hat shaped like a cow, a parrot hat, a dragon hat, police helmets, sailor hats, even an elephant hat! Plus, we were able to purchase all our other party supplies for the party at the same time at bulk and discount prices, such as plates and napkins and cups.

The block party was a huge success and everyone loved the hats. The kids got a kick out of them and the adults had a great time laughing at each other’s ridiculous hats. And, just like I predicted, they made for great pictures.