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Choosing the right mediator!

During times of family fall outs and frictions, we are in deed in need for mature and understanding support. Perhaps we need someone, who can lend us an unprejudiced ear to hear out our grievances and empower us in taking corrective measures and decisions; this role must be handled with utmost care and sensibility by a good mediator.

Courtesy: Jayne Webb-Martin

Family mediation is must

Wondering who can be labeled as good mediators for family disputes? A good family mediator is impartial, meaning to say he must be equitable in nature and spirit. One must have the knack to effectively understand the view points of the disagreeing members and empower them to come to a common conclusion. He/she must dedicate equal amount of time to the members of the family to express their stance. These sessions are never forced on either of the parties and either of the family members have the right to pause or adjourn the meeting in case of any discomfort caused.

Share your emotions

To make the session with the mediator more effective, one must open heartedly share emotions and feelings towards the troubling concern. This will in fact help the guidance seekers to come to a harmonious conclusion.

Find a mentor

Look for a mediator with high emotional intelligence and try to appreciate the solutions with a long term perspective. Adhering to what was assured during the session will in turn help you develop and grow out of the crisis.

This non binding decision making technique can truly hold up you and the other family members who have been adversely affected by the situation!