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Retirement is fun and healthy, Live it with style in Thailand

The best time in one’s life to enjoy to the fullest is when you have completed all your responsibilities, you have ample time to relax and the free mind to enjoy every moment of your life. In one word this definition clubs to the one big word of your life ‘Retirement.’ When you are about to retire from your daily routine work life, it is better you need to plan it well ahead. When a pleasant climate, beautiful surrounding and reasonable cost of living is what you want to be your next address then, Thailand could be a remarkable option for you since according to a publishing group called International Living Thailand has one of the cheapest cost of living in the world.


Let us take a brief look at actually how much does it cost to retire in Thailand.

  • The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht, and One Baht is subdivided into 100Satang.
  • A retirement visa costs 65,000 Baht per month or 80,000 Baht in a Thai Bank account.
  • There are many places in and around Thailand that has a meager cost living compared to the west.
  • Covering all bare minimum needs for a retiree an expenditure of $1500 per month is required while a large living can be in $5000. 
  • Healthcare is a bit expensive in Thailand for seniors aged above 60 since there is no public health insurance for them here and they need to rely on private ones which are more expensive. They also take up insurance part wise like; Travel and accident separately.