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6 Iconic Transformers In Transformers Comic And Film Universe

If you are a 90s kid, there is likely a chance that transformers have not been a favourite show for you. Optimus Prime was the childhood hero and a epitome of good. Not judging the whole universe by its live action films, here are 6 iconic transformer characters in the overall transformers universe :

Optimus Prime

Keep one spot expected for this mighty one for he is what the whole transformers universe is. Optimus Prime is the leader of Autobots and the protagonist of the film, comic book and animated series. He is known for his strong leadership, decision making skills and high morals. He belongs to ancient transformers race dynasty of primes. One of the most happening version of Optimus is Jet Optimus made as an amalgam of Jet Fire and Optimus Prime.


They don’t call a Hiab Truck in their universe if they need to fix a locality street light or pick up something as ‘petty’ as 35 ton. Instead they call the friendly autobot grapple for help. He has been regular in the animated series. He is an architect too and his buildings are considered work of art.


Arch nemesis of Optimus, he is the leader of evil Decepticons. He is normally depicted as a supervillain although a perfect example of self made ‘man’. He rose from low grade worker to a champion in gladiatorial combats. His leadership skills are highly contrary to Optimus and is the most feared leader.


How whacky would it look if Moffett Forklifts suddenly jumps and transform into humanoid and start loading stuff. Yes! Deadlift is a forklift machine and like a conventional one, it is also charged with ‘loading’ dead bodies and carrying it from the battlefield to the smelting pool for repurposing. He does not have a very significant role but often seen as a gray shade side character.


Talk about god and Unicron is the one for these metal beings. He is above autobots and decepticons and can turn into a living planet because of his prodigiously large size. He is often depicted as god of chaos.

Sentinel Prime

The first of all, he is the one of the most ancient of their race and is predecessor of Optimus Prime as the leader of Autobots. He possess remarkable combat skills and experience. He has also been depicted as supervillain in live action film Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.