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What To Do If You Notice Spots On Your Kitchen Plates And Glasses

Have you noticed that dishes come out of your dishwasher with a film or chalky substance on them or appear spotted? If so then it is likely that you have hard water in your home.  Many homeowners are shocked to find out they have hard water, especially if they get city water.  However, hard water problems are one of the leading problems homeowners face when it comes to water quality.  Thankfully, there are several different solutions to correct hard water and remove or eliminate hard water deposits on your bathroom fixtures and spots from appearing on your kitchen plates and glasses.  One solution is a conventional water softener, like the Northstar Water Softener, which can handle even the most demanding applications and soften your home or businesses water.  There are even portable water softeners in the event you live in a recreational vehicle or are spending a couple of weeks traveling in an RV.  For RV owners especially, hard water can be a major problem since often you have to rely on well water or poor water at campsites and hard water can have devastating effects on water heaters, faucets and many appliances that use water in your camper or RV.

Besides salt based solutions, which rely on salt brine to clean the medium that filters and purifies your water, there are other eco-friendly options.  For instance, the NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener is one of the most popular types of water softeners for single family homes and condo's.  The great thing about the NuvoH20 system is that instead of salt, it relies on citric acid to remove minerals and other metals from your water.  And best of all with the NuvoH20 saltless water softener you only have to replace the filtration cartridge every couple of months and since there are no moving parts to break, there is really nothing you need to do with the unit.