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All about Belly fat

Most of the people have some belly fat, even some people who have flat abs. Don’t worry that's normal thing you don’t need to worry about. But you do need to worry if you’re having too much belly fat that can affect your health in some way that other body fat doesn't.

There are two type of body fats one is under the skin and second one is deep inside your body may be around most sensitive organs such as heart, liver and lungs. The deeper fat is known as visceral fat which is even bigger problem for thin peoples.

If your are gaining more and more weight than the body start to store fat around unusual spaces like around lungs ,heart and liver etc. which further lead to diseases like heart failure etc.

Deep Belly Fat and its cure 

As our body need some visceral fat as it works as shield around various sensitive organs. But if you have a lots or visceral fat then you get type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, dementia, heart diseases and many types of cancer.

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