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Factors to Deliberate When Building a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can really improve the appearance of any homeowner's property. In this article, we will discuss various options for retaining wood from stone to stone, well-built features that can last for decades and improve drainage while increasing flat areas that can be used.

Starting with the basics, retaining walls are walls built of wood, concrete or stone to prevent soil, debris or other objects from entering or passing through certain areas. One of the popular wood-based walls and can be the perfect choice for smaller needs.

Retaining wall blocks in Atlanta is made of woodwork well when a wall that is less than three feet high is needed. When considering using wood to build retaining walls, note that wood such as processed wood is the most unstable of the three construction materials, concrete and stone.

The concrete walls are durable, built for strength and function best for accent walls in the yard and garden. Concrete walls can be built up to about 30 in. Height makes it one of the most durable retaining wall materials.  

There are four types of retaining walls; Gravity, cantilever, stake and anchored walls. The gravitational wall depends on the weight of the construction material of the wall (wood, concrete, stone or other materials) to hold the load from behind and increase its stability against the strength of the earth.

 These are only a few factors that must be considered before building a retaining wall in your yard or garden for landscape purposes. If you have additional questions or problems regarding retaining walls, additional contact information can be found in the resource box of this article.