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Lloyd Sixtyfive Real Estate Management Services

There are many professional real estate agents that are helping to find profitable investment properties. Real estate is the only investment industry for which the loans are promoted by the government by granting tax reduction on interest paid on home loan

As compared to private loan rates, rates for home loans are much lower. The fact that you purchase a home by availing a house loan of nearly 80% of the total cost thus makes the purchase a high leveraged purchase and thus helps you to earn the relatively higher rate of returns.If you would like to get more info about Lloyd Sixtyfive Condos Singapore  then you can check out online websites.

From tax advantage facet, investing in real estate is quite rewarding. If you obtain any gain on your money by selling your property, you can avoid paying capital gain tax by reinvesting it in another house.

A property must be the part of your overall profile, as there is the number of advantages such as luxury of obtaining ascendancy, the quantum rate of return, investment horizon, tax advantages, and regular saving. Being an investor you want to discern your individual situation to be able to take leverage of some of the above-mentioned benefits to turn real estate a lucrative proposition for you.

Real estate investments are a very profitable proposal in Singapore. Annual rental value of flat has climbed up to 3% of capital value against 2.5% of capital value, a past few years. This really means that an apartment that costs Rs 1 crore will retrieve nearly Rs 25,000 per month, thus lowering your interest burden considerably.