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Tips On Making Stained Glass Windows

 You might be looking at a church building in New York and admire how beautifully constructed and planned it is. See, these masterpieces are always pleasant to look at. There are actually some of these that can be done on your own. While it takes some time to perfect such craft, the effort will surely be worth it. In Garden City, you know anything is possible if you put the right amount of passion into it. One of the many things you can do is to make your own artwork, just like those stained glass windows in Garden City NY.

There are many benefits of doing things on your own. Instead of actually paying someone else to do the job for you, you may unleash your inner creative and do it yourself. Not only are you able to practice the craft, do this with your family and friends, or make a living out of it. With this come a few reminders that will help you with this newfound passion.

Prepare your materials. You will need glass, a cutter, cutting oil, some pliers, solder, safety goggles and gloves. These items are found in your nearest local hardware store, and some are just hidden in your rusty old toolbox. Ensure that all these are gathered to successfully do the job without much hassle.

Make your design however you want it. This could be a simple rose, or more complex images such as saints or maps. This is your artwork, so this must also be a reflection of who you are and what you can do. For as long as this is achievable, then you are basically free to design whatever you want. You could also look for some patterns online.

Afterwards, trace the design and place it underneath the material. Use a marker or a pencil, anything that works for you is okay. Make sure that it will be clear enough for you to see where you will be cutting it later. Also, the marker you should be using must be easy to erase in case you make some mistakes along the way. You do not want a dirty surface filled with lines.

Cut the straight lines first using your glass cutter. Start at the edges and work your way towards the middle. Then, proceed to the more complex parts and cut the curves. This process requires you to be careful to avoid harm and to also make the work look neat. This material is quite fragile to manipulate, so you must always be wary of the procedure and avoid injury.

Next, foil all the pieces together and connect them by soldering. This is the process that heats up the metals and glass, so that they remain intact. It still requires precision of the hand especially when you go to the curves and more complex patterns. You could also ask help from someone to steady the material for you. The main objective is that you are able to place everything together.

Place the glass in a metal frame. Add a few finishing touches and polishing. You should also clean it from any debris or excess material from all the cutting. Then, finally hang this onto a blank space or window for everyone to see. This is honestly the easiest part of all the steps.

Lastly, sit back and enjoy your beautiful creation. Not only have you become quite a pro at this new craft, you are also practicing such intricate art. You have your own masterpiece, and you do not even have to envy those in other buildings. You can have that same art at home. For that, you deserve a pat on the back.