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Street Art Consists Of Varieties In Its Creation


When the artists display his artistic skill on the wall of streets then it is considered as street art or graffiti. Artists just amaze their audience by mixing the different elements to such art. Every artist carries their different expression and they make different kinds of art on the walls.

Stencilling: Artist who don’t have much time to draw the detailed art work generally go for stencilling. Under stencilling artist generally make similar letters, shapes, symbols or patterns. Most of the work of creating the stencil is done far from the landmark and specific stencil are required for different artwork.

Stickers And Posters: These are the common form of street art and this is used to promote people, places, things or event. This artwork is generally used for promotions and many time by the artist to highlight his work. This artwork grabs the attention of audience quickly.

Carvings: Engraving the surface of landmark is called the carvings. The difficulty in carving depends upon the texture of surface on which it needs to be done. It is easy to do carvings on wood surface but on concrete it is difficult.

Street Art Murals: These are of two types as when the multiple colors are used for pleasing the eyes then it is ‘throw-ups’ and when artist tags his name on the created art then it is ‘taggings’. Street art murals in Australia is considered as most attractive artwork.