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Must Own Fashion Accessories For Men

In regards to fashion accessories, men tend to own only certainly one of each type. That is not to imply they are unimportant, since men's accessories could add polish and detail to casual and formal wear. The main element to purchasing accessories is therefore versatility, meaning that they may merge seamlessly with any outfit you choose.


Classical shapes, colors and designs are the easiest way to make certain versatility, but this doesn't mean they need to be boring. In this article, I will look at the must own men's fashion accessories with an emphasis on being modern and fashionable along with versatile. The best example that you can try on is virgil abloh, besides it is quite in trend these days.

A vintage belt should merge with the rest of your clothes, and therefore shouldn't be loud and ostentatious. Ideally all men should own a gown belt and a casual/jeans belt since they are completely different and shouldn't be mixed up. A gown belt has a narrow width (usually 3cm or less) with a tiny buckle, and is made from shiny leather.


If you are likely to acquire one dress belt, it should be black since many men wear black formal shoes (as against brown or tan). When buying a jeans belt, it is advisable to stay away from flashy buckles if you don't already own a vintage jeans belt. For the best in versatility, look for a reversible belt gives you the possibility of brown or black leather. A chrome buckle is more modern than the usual brass one.