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Top Yoga Poses For Losing Weight


If someone has recommended you to do yoga then it is a great way to tone your entire body. Yoga is considered one of the best and most consistent ways to reduce weight. However, if you are new to it and are not sure which yoga poses are best for you here is a list of the top yoga poses for losing weight.

1. Surya Namaskar

It is a great way to start off your day. The traditional yoga pose for sun salutation helps improve your heart rate, blood circulation and boosts your metabolism rate. A good idea would be to do this before breakfast every morning.

2. Plank Yoga variation

This pose is great to strengthen your arms, your core and to flatten your stomach area. For this yoga pose you have to stay in the plank position, with your wrists directly underneath your shoulders, and your back and buttocks are straight. Do not forget to breathe through this posture.

3. Bow pose

The bow pose helps boost your metabolism rate, while also strengthening your back muscles. For this pose you must lie on your face and bend your knees, while lifting your heels away from the body. You then must hold your ankles over your back. Repeat this two or more times, holding for thirty to forty-five seconds.

Therefore, if you want to reduce weight try these yoga poses at home or join a good weight loss program in Thailand.