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Are There Any Worldwide Brands Discounts?

As one of the most popular but also most expensive sources of verified suppliers online, many people who are considering joining Worldwide Brands (read a detailed Worldwide Brands review here for more information about whether or not it's worth the money) look for a discount.  Luckily there are a few around – with savings of between $30 and $50 to be made on the original $299 membership price.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of fully verified and guaranteed wholesalers and drop shippers.  There are about 8,500 in total as of 2018, and between them, there are more than 16 million products to search through in the members area – all available at trade prices.

How Do I Get a Discount?

There is a regular discount available all year round – this is worth $30, so makes Worldwide Brands cost $269 for life time membership.  You can find this discount coupon on many review sites, as well as the official Worldwide Brands site.

There's another larger discount though that's available some of the year too – and that's worth $50 off the $299 price tag.  This is generally only available on special events and sales – such as during the January sales and Black Friday.

Either is worth using though – as they take at least 10% off the original price, which is quite a lot.